Innovation Team

Innovation Team


 Any Qiushi

 Doctor, Chinese-American, international vision optics and ophthalmic medical technology, 
 in 1990, graduated from Ohio State University, and received his Ph.D.The Ministry of Education of the Yangtze 
 River scholar Professor (2007), winner of Natio nal Outstanding Youth Fund (2006), Chief Scientist of the
 Ministry of Science 973 (2005,2010). On domestic and foreign professional journals were published more than
 190 paper
s,obtained 33 patents (including patents 24, U.S. Patent No. 2), who served three consecutive sessions of 

 SPIE: Ophthalmology Technology Conference Co-Chair.

 Ma Huan

 Dr. scholars in America

 Biomedical optics and laser technology experts, the inventors of small high-resolution  
 Fourier Transform Spectrometer,

 He won three US patents.

 Library farming

 Dr. scholars in America, the International Laser technology, bio-photonics 
 professionals In 2004 he graduated from Texas A & M University, and received his Ph.D.

 Developed the world's first ultrasound modulated laser imaging device, in Nature biotec 
 hnology,Nano Letter, OE, OL and other professional journals published more than 60 
 papers, he cited 700 times,Single article he cited 217 times by the US Patent 3.

 Zhou Zhuanqing

 Doctor of Optometry and equipment specialists

 Li Changhui

 Dr. scholars in America

 Medical imaging and image processing expert

 Wang Wei super

 Dr. scholars studying abroad

 Wavefront aberration information processing specialist