Reticam 3100




RetiCam 3100 is international first-class automatic fundus imaging system.  Through the dual camera imaging, image control and feature identification, it realizes XYZ three-dimensional automatic positioning. Through the CCD imaging feedback, it meter exposure light and then determines exposure intensity properly and automatically. According to image resolution, it controls focus stepper to adjust image definition and obtain clear accurate fundus picture. RetiCam 3100 has excellent optical imaging capabilities, convenient operation, and low dependence on operator, getting image easier.




Automatic taking picture ( binocular auto, monocular auto)

Auto focus and auto exposure

Dual camera system

New optical technology

18mega -24mega pixel

Dicom 3.0 and FTP



High resolution image - camera pixel range from 18mega to 24 mega 

Adopt new optica technology , ensure got clear image even patient have cataract disease




Auto Mosaic function-  image is up to 135 degree through mosaic 9 picutres of 50 degree filed width each.


Acquisition modes-Red-free, FFA, Color, FAF





Technical data





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